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SCARLET’S COFFEE has available technology, expertise and manufacturing capabilities to create high quality private labels that meet all marketing regulations so that they are competitive with other known brands.

We undertake the development of private labels, taking into account the demands of the large chain stores, to create a reliable and consistent production and supply of coffee products. We follow the standards of branded production and can meet the demands of chain stores for quality, cost-effective private label products.

Regarding the creation of private label products with emphasis on optimizing costs, SCARLET’S COFFEE provides the customer with the following:

• choice of composition and product packaging
• label and package design and selection
• product licensing
Examples of some private label products we produce include:

• SCARLET’S COFFEE products :
• Greek coffee
• Turkish coffee
• Dark Arabian coffee
• Espresso
• French coffee
• American coffee
• Hotel coffee

• Fragrant Coffees
• Tea/Tsai
• Chocolate
• Cold beverages
• Accompanying

Our experience, knowledge and respect for the needs of the consumer, coupled with our superb quality and expertise in PRIVATE LABEL branding, guarantees commercial success.

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